Blotchy Buddies

Here's a new one. It seems to have a really quiet and sweet nature. I was pretty amazed at how
little work I had to do, the picture was really already there. You can find some beautiful things
out there if you just stop what your doing once and a while and look closely! Hope you like it.

Melancholy Mime

I'm back with another transformation after a long period of distractions! My bowl of ramen is responsible for splashing and causing this sad looking clown to appear! Hope you enjoy it.


Wine Label from Soldier in the Sink

I was thinking for a while that the Soldier in the Sink would make a great wine label. I really
wanted to see what it would look like, so I made mock label of it. I think it looks pretty good!


Mid-day Moon

Its never too early in the day for the moon to make an appearance. Laying on my back at Revere Beach near Boston, I spotted an opportunity to make my first cloud transformation.


Hickory Hyena

This hyena was howling at me all night to get this submission done.


Cabinet Cow

I spied this cow's skull on the kitchen cabinet above my oven.

Musing Monk

I spotted this robed figure in some white-washed wood with the help of blogger Kristin King.


Hard Water Wizard

I found this mischievous wizard casting hard water spells in my shower.



The Peeking Parakeet

 I found this little parakeet today while I was rummaging through the cupboard for a snack!